(Reel NSight) Reel Nsight Episode 91 Dominion Season 1, Episode 1 Pilot


  • U.S. Air Date - June 19, 2014
  • Tagline(s) - Heaven will raise hell on earth.
  • Synopsis - When the Chosen One, the believed savior of humanity, is identified, the war between angels and mankind begins again.
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  • Vega is a terrible name when hiding in Vegas
  • Vegas is the perfect place to have all pieces of society in one place and split by function.
  • So does that make Gabriel a pharaoh?


  • Bleed on someone else and figure out if you're the one or not.
  • Reel Score - B
  • Positive(s)
    • The Matrix with angels instead of machines
    • Summary of backstory gave enough information
  • Negative(s)
    • Not enough premise for building of Vega and caste system of duties
    • Father figure returns and son was overlooked by 3rd party protagonist

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