(The Android Realm) The Android Realm App Review TapPath

Do you like Android's share menu but wish it was more customizable? Want a quicker way to be able to access and share links that suits your needs? That's where TapPath comes in.

TapPath is a new app from the developer of Action Launcher and Link Bubble that let's users customize what single, double and triple tapping links does. For example, the user can set the app to launch a browser with a single tap, share to Facebook with a double tap and share to Instapaper with a triple tap. The options for specific actions can be changed to suit the user's needs so features like the default share menu can still be accessed and other apps can be launched with the taps. The only other setting is the ability to change the tap sensitivity so if the user finds that they can't get to the double or triple tap fast enough or need faster access to the taps, then that can be adjusted. A lower value means faster single tap detection and a higher value for slows single tap detection. I have it set to the highest value to ensure the right number of taps is detected most often but that can vary by user and device.

The only prerequisite to ensure correct app performance is that it has to be set as the default browser. That way it is registered when any number of taps are pressed.

Right now the app is in initial release and seems to work pretty well. The only trouble I have is with triple clicks but it seems to be a matter of adjusting the tap sensitivity (my initial adjustment mostly fixed the tapping issues so the sensitivity may be device specific). The app is worth checking out though, especially if you want an easy and quick way to share links and not have to worry about finding the share menu in every installed app.

Google Play - $0.99