(The Android Realm) (Game Review) Swing Copters

Did you play Flappy Bird and found it too tough? When you saw the screenshots or heard the stories, did you avoid the game? Well, the new game released by Gear Studios may be more interesting and play worthy. The game is called Swing Copters and it brings the Flappy Bird gameplay back with a twist. 

The idea behind this game is to guide your character vertically through rafters. Unlike Flappy Bird, where there were no obstacles, Swing Copters has swinging hammers that hang from the rafters that will end the game if the character hits them. Hitting the rafters or the hammers destroys the helicopter helmet immediately so finesse is key. The other change (and challenge) to the game is the helicopter helmet which adds a speed element that makes the game more fun and challenging.

Playing the game is very straightforward. Tapping your screen controls the character by changing its direction either left or right. Tapping too fast or not tapping at all though will increase your speed in either direction which can make it difficult to correct course and continue playing.

Since this game does require finesse, it actually makes the game very tough so be prepared to have low scores initially but it is fun nevertheless.

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