(The Android Realm) The Android Realm App Review Amazon Instant Video

If you use Amazon Instant Video on Kindle, wished it was available on Android, or want another video streaming option, then everyone is in for a nice surprise. As long as the Amazon app is installed, users should be getting an update to the app letting users install the Instant Video app to browse, buy and watch videos from Amazon's library.

To clarify, in order to install and use the Instant Video app, the Amazon app needs to be installed in order to access the download link. Upon installation, a link will be added to the app drawer to directly go to the Amazon Video library.

As far as prior purchases, any videos purchased with the associated account will show up. The app supports Amazon Prime as well so related benefits should carry over.

Much like the website, the app supports buying HD and SD content (and entire seasons) and adding to your wishlist so everything should sync with your account.

The only downside to the app is no offline video which is expected since other non-Kindle releases of the app work in the same way.

Overall, the app is pretty straightforward, especially if the user has used the Amazon app before and now provides more devices to access Amazon's video library.

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