(The Geek I/O Show) The Geek I/O Show: Episode 79 - Google Now Cards Against Humanity

This week on The Geek I/O Show, the gangs all here and were ready to bring the geek, even if the Twitch chat client can be kind of a jerk sometimes.

We discussed flu of the penis, hugging the Internet, Marvel Live wants all of your money, Budlongs new words shen-a-gins and distinginguitable, Jazfist vs the gas pump, iOS KOTOR, the youngest geek reviews Hearthstone (its not Dale) and its hard decks, CJ wins his own office, The Winter Soldier impresses, Budlong fails at Sonic, blueboxing, and video editing at 2:30AM.  Plus!  The villains of Bantham, grumpy Alfred, and our reactions to the Gotham pilot!

Join us on The Geek I/O Show, wont you?  Youll be seeing Whedon everywhere.

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