(Small Screen Spoiler Show) Episode 3: You never know if its a robot

Episode 3: You never know if its a robot

Its not ext-roar-chun

Get your hand out of that corpse

That cooler looks like trichinosis stew

Slipping Jimmy

I dont think thats what a sloth sounds like

Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 3, recorded February 10, 2015! Im CJ Why is your mustache so sad?  Boat, hes Jarred stripper pole in a mosque Azevedo, and were here to spoil you on the shows you are invested in!  Just as a reminder, we are going to spoil the listed shows and anything prior to the show! For example, if we talk about season 2 episode 21 of a show, anything 20 and before are up for debate. We will try to not spoil the Next time on that most shows do.  If you havent watched, or dont want to be spoiled, on the following shows, please come back later.

Todays shows are:

  • Better Call Saul

    • Season 1 episode 1: Uno

  • Agent Carter

    • Season 1 episode 4: The Blitzkreig Button

  • Gotham

    • Season 1 episode 15: The Fearsome Dr. Crane

The second part of the show, going forward, are our Challenge Shows Jarred and I will challenge each other to watch what is immediately available (at least) to watch and catch up, and do a spoiler discussion of the shows we watched.


  • High-Def VHS

  • You need your voice-box if youre a spy

  • Smooth jazz brick removal

  • A locker full of body parts

  • Demon Tacos