(Gamer Geeks) Want to win one of three Marvel Heroes 2015 Team-Up Advanced Pack 2?

We here at Geek I/O have partnered up with Gazillion to bring to you THREE chances to win the COMPLETE Team-Up Advanced Pack 2, INCLUDING the pre-order Spider-Gwen, Archangel, and boosts.

How you ask? Check at the bottom of the post.

The official release from Gazillion:

Were pleased to unveil the next wave of Team-Ups, now available for pre-order in the Team-Up Advance Pack 2. At over 40% off the regular price, the Team-Up Advance Pack 2 represents a huge value and includes fan favorites such as Carnage, Agent Venom, Spider-Gwen, Quicksilver and Rescue.

Along with the Team-Up Advance Pack 2, were hard at work marking improvements to the Team-Up system including improving their survivability to creating a Team-Up progression and synergy system.

Team-Up Advance Pack 2 includes:

8 Upcoming Team-Ups:
Agent Venom
Angel (Classic Blue)
Captain America (Sam Wilson)

3 Special Presale Bonuses:
Bonus Team-Up - Archangel (X-Force)
Spider-Gwen ENHANCED Costume
5x Team-Up Gear Find Boosts

For more information or to pre-order the Team-Up Advance Pack 2, please visit https://store.marvelheroes.com/wsstoreenus/team-up-advance-pack-2.html
— Gazillion Entertainment

Now we are offering THREE ways of winning one key each:

  1. Show the love on Twitch!
    1. One time this (February 13-15) weekend, randomly, with only warning on our Twitter Page (www.twitter.com/geekioshow) we will do a Twitch.TV stream (www.twitch.tv/geekioshow) and during that, we will pick a winner out of who is live on the chat, and who is subsribed to our channel. Subscribe now for more chance!
  2. Patreon giveaway
    1. Between now and our 100th show, we will be giving away a key to anyone who donates at least $1 to our Patreon page (www.patreon.com/geekio) - this will be done to our Patrons only, and will be done right before our big 100th episode on April 1)
  3. No joke, it's our 100th Episode!
    1. Our 100th episode will be on April 1, 2015 at 10 PM ET (GMT -5) and during the show we will give away our final code for this amazing set!

This is an amazing giveaway, and a $40 value, including three items that can no longer be obtained ANYWHERE!

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