100th episode shenanigans, summer movie smackdown news, Marvel Heroes giveaways and MORE!

Hey geeks!


I normally don't do this, but it's the easiest way to spread the news the fastest.


First off, our 100th show is TOMORROW! April 1st starting at (around) 10 PM Eastern over at www.geek-io.net/live and simulcasted at tuneine.alphageekradio.com.   we will be doing a big celebration with Marvel Heroes Advanced Team Up Pack 2 giveaways and a bunch of other things.  I know we've had some of our extended family on in the past, so we're wanting to play well wishes, and voicemails on the show.  Send them over to geekioshow@gmail.com or tweet us @geekioshow with the hashtag #geek100.  We're going to be having some friends and familiar faces come on the show as well to hang out with us.  

Next up is the culmination of a busy week for us, on Friday is our 2015 Summer Movie Smackdown auction, with our MC Andy Young and some special surprise guests. This will be taking place Friday, April 3 at 10 PM EDT over on www.geek-io.net/live and tunein.alphageekradio.com

As always, send us an email at geekioshow@gmail.com if you have anything you want to get in touch with us about.