(The Comic Cave) #FCBD Free Comic Book Day 2015: CJ's top 10!

This is the 2015 Free COmic Book Day special! Today, in the US (and most of the world) it is FCBD, brought to you by Diamond Comics Distributors, where your local comic book stores have loads (around 50 this year ) of  comic books for FREE! Now, some retailers can choose to make you buy a certain amount of stuff before giving them away, some charge a couple of pennies for them, and thats alright.  The comics are free to us, but not to the retailers, so remember to buy some other stuff while youre there, support your LCBS, they will love you for it! Also, if you like these books, put them on your pull list, ask your LCBS how they handle those lists, I mean, a lot of these are big sales attempts anyway, if you like them, make them work!

This time around, Im going to give you my top 10 comics from FCBD, in relatively no particular order, Im not going to spoil you on them, but Ill give you a little bit on what they are.

ANAD Avengers.jpg
Attack on Titan.jpg
Boom 10 year.jpg
Doctor Who.jpg
Fight Club.jpg
POK_201502FCBD2015SolicitationCover.indd Secret Wars.jpg
Street Fighter.jpg
  • Pokemon XY

    • Perfect Square comics

    • Three Pokemon comic stories, one from X/Y, One from Emerald, and one from Black & White.

    • Reads like a manga, so opens backward and reads left to right, instead of right to left

  • All New All Different Avengers

    • Marvel comics

    • Two post-Secret Wars stories, one from the Avengers, and one from the Inhumans.  You may be a bit confused on what the backstory is, but that's OK

  • Avatar: the Last Airbender

    • Dark Horse Comics

    • A post-television show story about Tai Lee & Toph

    • Also contains a Plants vs Zombies & Bandette story

  • Secret Wars #0

    • Marvel Comics

    • Not the full story of Secret Wars, and barely enough to be considered an episode 0, but if you are really confused, this may help.

  • Fight Club

    • Dark Horse Comics

    • A post-movie book about Sebastian

    • Also has The Goon & The Strain comics


    • One of my favorite books

  • Boom Studios Ten Year Free Comic Book Day celebration

    • Lots of stories from the Boom Studios library

  • Mega Man

    • Archie Comics

    • Worlds Unite prelude

    • Contains the Sonic the Hedgehog worlds unite prelude

    • The entire Worlds Unite is out on trade paperback.  Why not pick it up when youre out at FBCD? ;)

  • Doctor Who

    • Titan Comics

    • Three amazing, only found in this book Doctor Who Stories from the 10th, 11th, and 12th doctors

  • Street Fighter

    • Udon comics

    • a completely kid-friendly book about the characters from Street Fighter

    • A pleasant surprise, I wasnt really looking forward to this.

  • Attack on Titan

    • Kodansha Comics

    • Some backstory (outside current Canon / TV canon)

    • Manga-style (opens to the left, read left to righ)

    • My favorite book