(The Geek I/O Show) Geek I/O #107: Rants & Reviews: GalaxyQuest - Starring Sigourney Weavers Boobs

This week, tuck in for a trip light years away as the crew review the historical document, Galaxy Quest! We're never give up and never surrender!

This week on The Geek I/O Show, the Rant & Reveiw reboot goes into round seven, and were pulling out all the geek to talk about Galaxy Quest.  We take this big bucket of tropes and talk about all the things from Tim Allens hay day.  Its a hell of a thing.

We discussed the borg bug collective, smooth and shiny Shatner chest, termites dont have face wipes, ganging it with gangers, let that audio clip go, Alan Rickman love, Tony Shalhoub is high, Justin Longs awkward phase, and two-thirds boobies.  Plus!  Star Trek and Dragon Con made a baby!

Join us on The Geek I/O Rant & Review, wont you?  Its better than borg bug alien goo.

Episode 107 Show notes