(The Comic Cave) Batman: Arkham Knight vs Titans' Tower

Batman: Arkham Knight has not had a good time of things on PC. It started with a review page full of red and ended, at least so far, with the game being pulled from Steam entirely. It's uncertain when we'll see it return but at least there should be a little more incentive to get things fixed promptly.

But what if you have a machine with a little muscle under the hood? We took a spin in the batmobile with Titans' Tower - the Dual GTX Titan X machine which will hopefully be cutting edge for at least three months. Take a look in the video below and apologies in advance for the sound issues; trying to save time by recording audio with Shadowplay wasn't entirely successful! 

It's worth noting that my optimism here is entirely based on running this game on some pretty impressive hardware and is not indicative of most people's experience.