(How It Stacks) How It Stacks #44: Bill Nye (The Science Guy)

Bill Nye - Screen-Shot.png

Science rules!

While, yes, it does this isn't just a random fact; it's a snippet from Bill Nye: The Science Guy!!

The Terrible 3 break out their lab coats on this one and embark on a journey to discover if the relief pitcher for classrooms around the world (except those in Alabama: apparently Bulldog and Professor had a terrible childhood) stack. Hes been a massive influence to millions around the world and continues his scientific journey to this day. However, Bulldog and the Professor saw him differently when they were kids. JD only liked him as a kid cause it got him out of school work. The guys go all over the place in this episode; from E3 conversations to Allison Mack back to typical HIS stuff. Trivia wars gets all sciency on this one, so theres some learning while listening. Yes, that's probably a first for them!
One of JD's mystic OH references in the show: http://www.channelone.com/for-educators/

Direct Audio Link: HIS - Ep 44 "Bill Nye"

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