(Life of an Accounting Droid) (Blog) Screencast + YouTube App

Recently, the YouTube app was updated to allow watching videos taken in portrait in full screen when the device is in the potrait position. While this isn't necessarily an ideal watching format, it does have its uses. As far as a useful feature for me, screencasts become much more useful, especially for app reviews and sharing step-by-step instructions, and new features. The video above is a sample screencast taken to test the full screen feature. The app I am using to record, called Mirror Beta, also records audio to make it easier to add voice dictation if additional information needs to be included.

As far as Life of an Accounting Droid goes, if a screencast is recorded, a link will be included in that week's episode's show notes. As always, to help support the show and to get app reviews sooner and more, please visit and give whatever you feel comfortable with on Patreon!