(Life of an Accounting Droid) Unofficial and Indirect Android Star Wars Theme

With all the Star Wars talk this week, I wanted to setup my Android device to better show off my fandom. It started quite simply with the picture for the First Order Loyalists which I saw on the Star Wars Google+ page. When I set it as my wallpaper, my color theme automatically adjusted to match the wallpaper (a nifty feature of Action Launcher v3 which I had forgotten I had enabled). I mention version 3 specifically because it is the version that applies a Material Design theme to your homescreen based on the colors in the wallpaper. From here, it was a matter of finding a good color for my weather widget which I settled for with black since my app drawer, folder backgrounds, and notification shade didn't incorporate it. Finally, it was a matter of finding a good icon pack to match the wallpaper. While poking around Google Play and Google+, I came back to an icon pack I hadn't used for some time which nicely (at least to my amateur eyes) match the look and feel of the wallpaper.

Links are included below for all or parts of whatever you want to apply. Also, feel free to reach out to me via e-mail or Twitter if you have questions about Action Launcher and its features.