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When I first thought about how I would do a review for this new Chrome app, I wasn't sure how I would show it to reflect how cool it is. Then I realized that I could do a quick screencast from Visor to show it off. Yes, it is a bit of Visor-ception but the video is controlled from my PC whie using Koush's own app, Mirror to record the screencast.

The app is quite simple to setup. Once developer tools are enabled in Settings, adb mode needs to be enabled. the ADB drivers also need to be installed if you are on Windows (and I presume Mac as well). but shouldn't be hard to find as a link is provided in the Chrome app and on Koush's website. Once those are installed and adb mode is enabled over USB, plug the phone in (and let the drivers install if they haven't been installed before). From your app menu (depending on if you use Windows, Mac or Linux), open the Visor app, find your device and make the connection. After a short wait a new window will open showing your device's screen which can be controlling with your mouse. Text can be entered via your keyboard for data entry.

For me the response from the PC and my device is a bit sluggish but not to the point of being unusable. I'm chalking it up to the beta status but overall it is worth checking out and using, especially if you prefer doing everything from your device. Gaming is decent enough for regular games. I tested it with Star Wars Commander which seemed to hold up well enough.

As far as general usefulness, it does make it quite seamless to be able to do everything from your mobile device without having to login to everything on a different device or worry about keeping your accounts in sync, this is the way to go. It also gets around not being able to send text messages from a desktop PC as they are still being sent from your mobile device.

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Star Wars Commander on my Fire Phone via Vyser Beta on ChromeOS

Star Wars Commander on my Fire Phone via Vyser Beta on ChromeOS