(The Mana Pool (Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast)) The Mana Pool #12: "The Night of Fives"

Join your DM CJ Boat and the adventures Jarred Azevedo, Raul Gaza, Andy Young and Dale Campbell as they continue their journey in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition.

Were back in The Mana Pool and the party has returned from one battle only to be dropped (literally) into another one.  Im gonna rock them like a Hurricane!

Dhalgren almost died, Davdak almost died, Saltaba almost died, and Dricu tried to almost die while he swung his scimitar around like a big, dumb dragon.  Kai did some weird things with his things and then dropped a RAWR bomb.  The battle raged.  Friend and foe fell.  Did anyone actually die?  Tune in to find out.

Join us on The Mana Pool, wont you?  All we want for Christmas is level 4.