(Small Screen Spoiler Show) Episode 26: The Purple Man or the Yellow King

Episode 26: The Purple Man or the Yellow King

Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 26, or Season 2 episode 7 recorded November 16th, 2015! Im CJ this secluded forest has a lot of foot traffic Boat, hes Jarred "Laser Eyes Azevedo.

Todays shows are:

  • Jessica Jones (Spoiler-Free)

    • S1E1: Ladies Night

  • Agents of SHIELD

    • S3E7: Chaos Theory

      • IMDB: 8.7

  • Gotham

    • S2E8: Tonights the Night

      • IMDB: 8.9


The second part of the show, going forward, are our Challenge Shows Jarred and I will challenge each other to watch what is immediately available (at least) to watch and catch up, and do a spoiler discussion of the shows we watched.

  • CJs Challenge to Jaz: Inside Out...twice

  • Jazs Challenge to CJ: Jessica Jones a lot.

Things of Note

  • Jessica Jones drops for the rest of the world Friday!

  • Man in the High Castle storms in the same day!

  • Agent Carter returns January 5th, 2016!


  • The Purple Man or the Yellow King // CJB // JAZ

  • #No25

  • Amish makes him purple

  • Immediately thrust into Jessica (Luke Cage...amirite?)

  • Shattered a whole forest

  • Fitzs awesome pecs

  • A pillow of seismic energy

  • Shotgun Wedding