(Generic Live Show!) Generic Live Show - Special - Biggest Stories of 2015

Main Topics:

- US Presidential Election

- Paris Attacks

- Syrian Civil War and Refugee Crisis

- Nepal Earthquakes

- Greek Debt Crisis

- Marriage Equality

- Fight Against ISIS

 Other Topics:

- Most talked about Movies and TV Shows

2015 Generic Live Show Awards

Generic Live Show People's Choice Award: 

Winner: 11-18-2015 (Paris Attacks / Mining Stock Slide / Slow Wage Growth Here To Stay / Charlie Sheen HIV+ / Australian Art House Films are too Expensive to Produce)

Runner Up: 10-21-2015 (Star Wars Trailer was Released / Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey retires / Australian internet providers in breach of data laws / Ad Blockers Are Great for Facebook Inc and Apple Inc / Michael Jackson Scripted TV Series Will Chronicle the Musicians Last Days)

Generic Live Show Topic of the Year:

Winner: Terror in Paris

Runner Up: Privatization of Universities / Babe Formula Bulk Buy Out By Chinese Online Retailers (Tie)

Generic Live Show Headline of the Year:

Winner: 116 Things That Give Will Give You Cancer

Runner Up: Ruby Rose wins 'Woman of the Year' at the GQ 'Man of the Year' award