(Gamer Geeks) Gamer Geeks Episode 1: I Spent $?? On A Mobile Game


Video game

Blizzard Corner


    • Asdivine Chronicles (iOS)

      • Omega Quintet (PS4)

        • Throwdown: The Quest for Cards (60 MR)


  • Throwdown TQR

    • Harmonia (60 MR)

      • Song of the Deep(60 MR)


  • Pocket Politics

    • The Tribe (4.99 cost)

Retro review!

CJs Pick

  • Game: DuckTales (WooHoo)

  • Originally on: NES

  • Year: 1989

  • Genre: Platformer

    • Notes: Important note: I did this on the Ducktales Remastered on PC

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