(How It Stacks) #60 M*A*S*H (Season 1)

Your favorite three stars are back, with a blast from the past. There was no warring over picking this topic, JD, The Professor, and Bulldog all thought this topic deserved a shot: MASH (Season 1)! JD once again jumps the gun and mentions a fact before the Professor gets to it, Bulldog shares the impact it made on him as an adult, and the Professor brings the facts, as is expected by now. Hold on to your sutures: youre in for one hell of a treatment!

P.S. - Thanks to all our veterans, we know its not veterans day for our release date, but we appreciate all you do and have sacrificed for us here in the US.

Direct Audio Link: HIS - Ep 60 "MASH (Season 1)

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