(Generic Live Show!) Generic Live Show - Upcoming Events Special

Generic Live Show - Upcoming Events Special Dale sits down and goes through some of the upcoming events that Generic Live Show has happened in the near future as we round out the year.

Upcoming Events

1. Dale Does Extra Life 2016 (Saturday 5th 10PM AEST - Sunday 6th of November 11PM AEST)

Just like last year, I have decided to take on the Extra Life challenge. Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise funds for much needed children. There will be a live show from the event as well!

2.   The Generic Live Show's Orphan Christmas (25th December 10AM AEST - Onwards)

The Generic Live Show (with Dale Campbell) will open up their doors and provide those less fortunate a space to go at the most important day of the year. If you do not live in the Cairns area, never fear the event will be streamed live so everyone around the world can enjoy the event.

The live broadcast will be from 10am until 12pm with lunch served afterwards. This is (of course) a free event!

3. Generic Live Show: Greatest Hits of 2016 (Pre-recorded - Sunday1st January 2017)

A clip show highlighting the greatest moments from the year

4. Generic Live Show: Biggest Stories of 2016 (Sunday 8th January 2017 10PM AEST)

The biggest stories of 2016

5. Generic Live Show: Predictions for 2017 (Sunday 15th January 2017 10PM AEST)

Looking forward to the year that will be 2017

Thank you for your support in 2016!