(Life of an Accounting Droid) Life of an Accounting Droid Blog - Mini-Vacation to Seattle, WA

I recently had a chance to go on vacation to Seattle, WA. While researching what to do (yes there is more than the first Starbucks, Pike Place and the Space Needle), the group I went with realized that while it might be a challenge, a lot could be done in the two days that we would be staying in the city. To start, we picked a hotel in the downtown/Space Needle area. This helped in not only being walking distance to many of the sights to see but were able to save money by not needing to rent a car for the entire trip. A couple of places were out of walking distance so, to save time (and money), we used Uber to get around. Overall, it was a very fun and smooth trip. It turned out that a couple of bars we wanted to check out and seemed cool from the search results were closed which was a bummer but we got to do about 95% of what we wanted to do. We were able to eat at most of the places and see most of the sights (we didn't have time for the cruise but we made it up by being able to see the Fremont Troll and check out Victrola Coffee Roasters as a second local coffee shop). The weather was able a great contributor to the pleasure of the trip as it was sunny for most of the day, mildly breezy and not too hot.

I would definitely recommend the city as a place to visit and might recommend making it a 3 day trip to get all the major sites in and maybe 4 days to make it more leisurely or to give more leeway as far as time constraints.

Places Visited

Cameras and electronic devices are not allowed on the Future of Flight tour itself but there is a nice observation deck to get an overview of the factory and airport.*