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Thats it for the news, now another quick word from our sponsors, and well move into our reviews segment!

Reviews/What were playing

  • CJ

    • Gates of Anakin: Tribes(card game

    • Dragon Ball Z TCG: Awakening (card game expansion

    • Pewdiepie tuber simulator (60mr

    • Hero emblems (ios: $1.99 on sale now) (60 MR

  • Raul

    • Sky To Fly: Faster Than Wind (Steam) ($3.19

    • World of Final Fantasy (PS4)(so far

  • Bren

    • Swamp attac

    • City skylines (halloween sale 7.49 75% off

    • First time overwatc

    • update

Retro review!

  • Rauls Pick:oddworld abe's oddysee

  • Year: September 19, 1997

  • Platform: PC release

    • Oddworld is a slave inside the worlds largest meat processing plant.  One day he finds out him and his people are to be used as the main ingredient in next new thing.  

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