(Gamer Geeks) Gamer Geeks Episode 3: Read Dead Red

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Blizzard Corner

    • CJ

    • Dale reviews: Tap heroes

      • 60MR: Gravity Trump (iOS)

        • Pathfinder: Adventures (iOS)

          • 60 MR: Five Nights at Freddies: Sister Location

            • Raul

              • Shank 2

                • Bren

                  • Verdun    

                    • Really Bad Chess

                      • Campaign Trail news (pocket politics)

Retro review!

  • Brendens Pick

    • Game: Bully     

    • Originally on: PS2 and Xbox 360    

    • Year: October 17, 2006 (one day off from 10 years but....)

    • Genre: Open world action adventure

      • Notes: Rated T for teen GTA No guns, No guts, no gore.  You play as a teen aged boy who is sent to a boarding school.  The school is full of cliques ( The bullies, The nerds, The preps, The greasers, and The jocks.) You go to classes that are basically mini games where you earn rewards for every class you complete. You mostly use your fists when necessary but there are a few weapons in the game ( Slingshot, Bags of Marbles, Stink Bombs, and a Spud cannon.) You unlock the five areas of the town of bullsworth as you progress through the story.  There are a few vehicles in the game ( skateboards, scooters, bikes, and gokarts.) Bully was one of my favorite games when it was released and I still have a lot of fun playing it today.


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