(The Mana Pool (Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast)) The Mana Pool #11: "Bear Buddy and a Dude in your Face"

Join your DM CJ Boat and the adventures Jarred Azevedo, Raul Gaza, Andy Young and Dale Campbell as they continue their journey in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition.

This week The Mana Pool, the hunt is afoot!  Things get a little crazy and nothing goes as planned when we encounter the manticore.  Longsword your thing, because we have plot progression!

Davdak makes some impressive shots, Saltaba finally got to light some things on fire, and Dricu stressed out his eagle.  There was sparkling menace everywhere.  Beak damage was taken.  The tank took bear form, my favorite form.  The fight raged on, and there was so much blood.  Where they victorious?  Tune in to find out?

Join us on The Mana Pool, wont you?  Its better than death by glitter.