How It Stacks #38: Pensacon 2015 - Day 1 and Ed Spencer Interview

Thus begins the Terrific Three's coverage of Pensacon with their thoughts on day 1.

JD starts us off with his antics from day 1 and shares his experience with meeting one his favorite actors. He also has a nice public service announcement on why you should read clearly when covering an event like this.

The Professor earned his planning badge as he has his schedule of day one planned to the "T". All while forgetting to eat and letting us know how he really feels about girls who can eat fire.

Bulldog didn't learn his lesson from last year and visited a local (and totally epic) burger joint which set him back a little. He also brought his family this year and shares those antics. At the end of the day 1, all is forgotten as JD and Bulldog watch the Oxygen Channel film an episode of The Prancing Elites, all this and more at ... PENSACON 2015.

Direct Audio Link: HIS - Ep 38 “Pensacon 2015 Day 1”

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