Episode 52: No Sombreros in Prison!

Episode 52:  No Sombreros in Prison!


Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 52!  I’m CJ “what? I’ve tried it with animals” Boat, he’s Jarred “I’ll murderize everything in sight.”  Azevedo.


Audio Content from Darrell “the sexy, cold, domineering bitch we all hate to love” Shayler.


Today’s shows are:

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    • S4E5:Lockup

      • IMDB Score: 8.7

  • Luke Cage

    • S1E8: Blowin’ up the Spot

      • IMDB Score: 8.4

    • S1E9:DWYCK

      • IMDB Score: 8.2




The second part of the show, going forward, are our “Challenge Shows” Jarred and I will challenge each other to watch what is immediately available (at least) to watch and catch up, and do a spoiler discussion of the shows we watched.


  • CJ’s Challenge to Jaz: Arrow

  • CJ vs DCWU

    • Flash S3e3&4

    • Arrow S5e3&4

    • Legends of tomorrow S2e3

    • Supergirl S2e3



  • What is a male Mary Sue?

  • Mikey Stu

  • No Sombreros in Prison! // JAZ // DMC

  • Sweet everything else but Christmas

  • Diamondback Story // CJB

  • Quit screwing with  my ‘ships, Netflix

  • Massive Mountain of Man Meat

  • We’re parents, give us a break!

  • Spider Rag