Episode 63: Steampunk Ash Ketchum

Episode 63: Steampunk Ash Ketchum


Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 63!  I’m CJ “what’s happenin’, space captain” Boat, he’s Jarred “51%-shareholder dick” Azevedo. We are joined by Rachel “daughter of the dragon“ Kimberly to help us talk Iron Fist!


Audio Content from Darrell “you ever unmake soup?” Shayler.




Today’s shows are:

  • Iron Fist

    • S1E3: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

    • S1E4: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

    • S1E5: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

  • Legion

    • S1E8: Chapter 8


Other Spoiler Shows:







  • Punching Busses

  • Danny Rand drops the Soap

  • No hugs for Hogarth

  • Dead men have no shares

  • Danny Rand uses FLOP.  It is ineffective.

  • Magical Pain Tickles

  • Severely Lacking In Kyle

  • Danny walks into JCPenny

  • The kicks were legit

  • When are hatchets standard hung fu henchmen load outs?

  • Rocket Launched Luke

  • Iron Nipples

  • Ninja Adventures with Danny with Colleen

  • You effing kunlun

  • Darefist

  • Steampunk Ash Ketchum // CJB // JAZ

  • Locked in a pokeball