Dale Reviews 1 - Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

Suggested by: Jonathan Slater (for Geek IO video game month)

TITO Rating: 2 (out of 10)

My interpretation of the plot: In this completely pointless "thing," two children are blasted to "Planet R" in the apparent future to help save the world.

Back story: Wow! Depending on who you ask, this "thing" is considered either a four part movie or a mini-series or just simply a failed TV show that couldn't get off the ground. Legend of the Crystals is meant to based on  Final Fantasy V but kinda get some things are not quite right. (For example, chocobos appear featherless and somewhat alien in appearance)

Now for the review....Very disappointing. I was expecting Final Fantasy but got served  slightly frozen leftovers! Also you can't get passed the fact the shots, editing and out of sync voice work and sound clips. I give this two things; the fact that is VERY pretty and the plot is clear. As for the music, I felt so-so on it, it was relevant but didn't blow me away.  

Some other notes. The over the top slap-stick feel got boring really quickly. I would given this a 3 have anything but animals jumped out in the dessert (like a tranny!) Lastly, when you get in trouble, your transport doesn't speed up suddenly.

This had been fun! If you have any feedback or suggestions, you can email them directly to me at thechefwonder @ gmail . com (remove the spaces) or tweet them to me twitter.com/TheDaleCampbell and huge thanks to CJ and the Geek IO crew for letting me release the trannies!