Dale Reviews 7 - The Producers - The Movie

Suggested by: Jon Slater

TITO Rating: 9.5 

My interpretation of the plot:  A Broadway producer and a nerdy accountant partner to attempt to make the biggest Broadway “flop” but an OVER gay director/actor turns it into a hit and the producers get locked up. Whilst in the lock-up, they write and produce another play that turns everything around!

Back story/Fun Fact:  This film contained six dick jokes...can you point them out?

Now for the review....THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING (not perfect though.) It was uplifting and comedic relief from what we've been watching on Geek-I/O

Some other notes. Two main problems with the film (or The WHOLE Producers as a whole) is the Ulla having 50 million names. Also, they use too many sets in the opening song "I Want To Be A Producer."  It's like a grand tour of New York for no reason.

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