Dale Reviews 9 - The Gingerdead Man


Running Time: 8:38 

Written Review

Suggested by: ME!! (Yay, I got a suggestion on the show)

TITO Rating: 3

My interpretation of the plot: Something about a bakery and how a bad batch of gingerbread men results in one transforming and killing people and the only way that this can be solved is by eating it!

Back story/Fun Fact: The original sequel was planned to be entitled "Gingerdead Chick." Somehow this movie has a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now for the review.... I had an "Evil Dead" feel throughout this film but it stunk of "In The Name King" and with consist reminders that "Oh yes, this is a direct to DVD release." This movie smelt of potential, but failed to hit my mark.

Some other notes. Here we go...in rapid fire style!

Firstly long and strange opening credits for no reason and you don't need to take 10 minutes to wrap-up your movie. Shooting people in a "Shoot Production" seem redundant. My first question in this movie was, what mother honers killing people. You know you are up for a fun movie when the main set has the worst sign. The stereotypical horror score drove me insane. If this movie taught me one thing, always use the front entrance. Baker Butcher...really. Oh hey, your arm is bleeding, I know let's put it in the dough. Speaking of the dough, was that some of the worst stop motion you have ever seen. Troupe time! The competition teaming up with the other team and the consist walking into traps are the only two I care about. But the best part of the movie was the bitch fight!

At least movie mad me smile

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