Downunder Colorado 39 - Hatception

Show Notes:

Downunder Colorado gives that warm feeling.

Coming up - Awful customer gets shut down on Facebook by company founder, Some late reporting on the story of Tom Merritt and Twit, NFL is NOT banning tailgating at the Super Bowl, Having a question and not asking it and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado!

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Short but sweet

The story of Tom Merritt and Twit (Good read on the situation - direct from Leo Laporte)

Merritt Brainstom

NFL is NOT banning tailgating at the Super Bowl:

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Dale: Bracing myself for 3 weeks of work/supermarket hell, Busy with Chefwonder projects over the holidays, passed all my classes this semester, got my N13 swag bag, Using Sleep as Android this week, Started watching Christmas movies

Doug:  Getting ready for the holidays, 500 Twitter followers, launched a new podcast!  

Zay:Driving in the snow, NOT driving in the wind and ice. TRYING to get back into game playing of any sort due to issues with tabletop groups and WoW becoming tedious. Holiday prep being almost nonexistent since we don’t much celebrate things here since we don’t have the money to spare because of the comp builds. OH! Won Nate a hearthstone beta and he’s been playing it when he has a chance and loving it.

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