Downunder Colorado 38 - I Don’t Want a Picture of the Butt-Dialer

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Downunder Colorado 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Coming up - We go through the best Cyber Monday Deals of 2013, Man planning murder while butt-dialing his victim, The bikie council challenge the anti-gang laws in high court this morning, Your questions and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado!

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The Best Cyber Monday Deals Of 2013

Man Planning Murder Accidentally Butt-Dials Intended Victim

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Cyber Monday

Follow up: Bikies to challenge laws in High Court this morning

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Dale: Binge watching Orange is the new Black (up to Ep. 7 and only started yesterday), Still doing school work, Step Mum had to have a Gallbladder surgery on Monday, Two laptops at one now, Setting up couch cam, Coverthon.

Zay: Unwilling day off for thanksgiving. Piecing together new desktop comps slowly. New monitor, new camera. Got  food poisoning from a fav restaurant Saturday before last. watching (sort of) any anime on netflix basically as background noise.

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