Downunder Coloardo 14 - The Mouth Feel Matched The Appearance. Thick

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Show Notes:

Downunder Colorado, try it you'll like it!

On this episode of Downunder Colorado, Couple caught boning on Google Street View, 7 Fictional computers that changed our world, Why it was pointless to close Boston during the search, Elephant poop products, Aussie population to hit 23 million, Fox sends fake cease and desist notices, awesome music compliments of Elision (Just A Taste) from the album Reflecting on Refraction, and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 71 minutes)


Couple caught boning on Google Street View

7 (Fictional) Computers That Changed Our World

Why it was pointless to close Boston during the search.

From Elephant Poop Coffee to Elephant Poop Beer

Aussie Population to hit 23 Million

Fox network sends fake cease and desist notices

Other Links:

Elision- Reflecting on Refraction

Podcasts/Games/Things we are doing/Listening to:

Dale: Having Microsoft crap out at 12:30 in the morning, relaunching podcasts, “Mr Mom” duties, Listening to the worst album of all time, Uni started back up.

Doug:  Discovering new podcasts (Darkmoon Herald, Tauren Think Tank, Heals and Hearthstones); possibly starting work on a game-related podcast, hating the snow again.

Zay: Still getting over the bronchitis due to weather being still fucking cold. Working on getting back to work. Out for a night of bingo at Boodad’s. Playing some more WoW and leveling my mage. One level left.

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