Downunder Coloardo 13 - Never Take A Photo of Your Beaver

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Show Notes:

Welcome to Downunder Colorado, bringing you all the news that’s unfit to print.

On this episode of Downunder Colorado, Tax day talk, Cops saving a bakery, Google to plan your afterlife,  Never take photos of beavers, Explosions hit Boston Marathon, and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! (72 minutes)


Small town historical bakery in MY hometown area, saved by an unexpected source. (not new news but something positive and the bakery is doing so fantastic Now.)

Plan your afterlife with Google!

Explosions Rock Boston Marathon (only one article, because this is gonna take time) (Some graphic video footage here)

Never take photos of beavers

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Dale: Work experience on a construction site (hence the show moving days)....and not much else.

Doug:  Playing around with my new mic setup for podcasting; working on a couple of possible projects (gaming-related)

Zay: STILL working on getting back to work but am steps closer. snow.. again.

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