Downunder Colorado 12 - They’re Long and We Want To Make Them Longer

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Show Notes:

On this episode of Downunder Colorado, Baldies get their reality check, Lip dubs attracts viewers, Computer games do teach you things, Aussies get a centre for food innovation, Art exhibit pushes boundaries of online privacy, Tortugas Shipwreck Reveals Treasure Trove and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 64 minutes audio/76 minutes video)


Bad news for baldies

Cleveland High School “Lip Dub” attracts thousands of views

Learn how to program in Java by playing a computer game?!+Science+News+-+Popular)

Centre for Food Innovation open for business

Art Exhibit Pushes the Boundaries of online privacy

Tortugas Shipwreck Reveals Treasure Trove

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Dale in panty hose?

The devastating snow


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Dale: MID-TERM EXAMS!!! Plus, interesting Monday Client emergency!

Doug:  Too much damn snow, Louisville wins one championship, may get a second tonight

Zay: Bronchitis is AWESOME. Dealing with Nate’s ex and her lack of intelligence. Approved to go back to work, too sick to get the stuff DONE to go back. Blizzard!!!not.

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