Exploding Dice: Ravnica season 3 PREMIERE! Episode 0: Return of the Pretty Kitty Problems

We are BACK! We go over the world of Athalor, since it has been a while since we looked into the world we have built. Some things have changed (in pretty major ways) and we are AT THE TABLE NOW!

Our cast:

CJ Boat - your DM

Rachel Boat - Perururun, Tabaxi swordskitty

Kyra Clark - Dwyn, Dragonborn Druid

Delbert Sand - Twang, Kenku Fighter/Ranger

Scott Galloway - Balric, Firbolg Cleric

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Exploding Dice Ravnica FINALE 23 - Go Toward the Nope

On the campaign finale of the Flames of Ravnica, the gang are surrounded by everything they dislike, and have to turn toward an unlikely ally to help stop the evil from destroying the Multiverse.

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