So... that happened... and this IS happening!

Hello fellow adventurers!

As you can tell from some of the changes in the campaign, our current run had been being met with some ... personal issues.  This obviously is not really productive to an awesome podcast like this is destined to be.

So... we are ending this run of the Mana Pool.  CJ will be running a new campaign when the show re-launches in January 2017 with a new group of adventurers finding their way through what is left over of the plane of Athalor, where all of this has been taking place.

A little on the back end. We are going to be a weekly podcast going forward, but not live.  This will allow us to sound better and more polished than before.  We'll also have a lot less issues with our recording this way, which will make us an awesome place for an awesome adventure!

Come back in January and see how the story plays out! 

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Mana Pool!