Exploding Dice: Ravnica episode 16: Quadrangle Crab Bro (Thanks, I hate it)

 It's back to school season for the Gatewatch! Certainly nothing at all wrong can go happening when group visit college old El's! Join us this week on Exploding dice where we find out what angers our players more than stairs! Hey! Look at the sun! ... wait, why is it so dark? 

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Exploding Dice Ravnica 8: Gruuling Cardio

Man, stairs are so much fun, right? We are changing the name of this podcast to the Staircast soon, just stay tuned! *cough*  Anyway, the players realize they are a little short on people who can make fun of Rickas, so they suddenly remember they have two other team members to check in on! How are Team Nature doing? Witch one is going to lose it? This week on Exploding Dice: Stair into the abyss and it will stair back.

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