Exploding Dice: Ravnica episode 16: Quadrangle Crab Bro (Thanks, I hate it)

 It's back to school season for the Gatewatch! Certainly nothing at all wrong can go happening when group visit college old El's! Join us this week on Exploding dice where we find out what angers our players more than stairs! Hey! Look at the sun! ... wait, why is it so dark? 

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Exploding Dice: Ravnica: Episode 1 Season Premiere: Tosta Coil, Pasta Rifle

HEEEELLLLOOOOOO AND WELCOME to 2019! That's right, we're back! Join CJ, Josh, Raul, Monica, Kerry, and special guest party member Jacky AKA DeathByMage for our explosive return to regular programming! What do a snarky lawkeeper, a by-the-book cleric, an overly excitable arcane researcher, a bard with more than a few secrets up his sleeve, and a semiaquatic hybrid with no filter have in common? Random run-ins with that one Rakdos guy! Seriously, what's up with that? Oh, you meant besides that? Listen and find out on the brand new season of Exploding Dice: Ravnica!

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Exploding Dice: Xanthuru episode 14: Drain Tug of War

In this episode of The Mana Pool the party with The World's Most Valuable NPC continue their battle for survive against the hideous goo monster.  Half the party jumps in head first and forms a body chain of a wolf, a bear and a clanking necromancer in plate armor.  Then swap life point with the goo when it refuses to go gently into the afterlife.

Join the Mana Pool Team CJ, Rachel, Raul, Felix, Kerry, this week as we continue with Story Teller Josh in our Open Legend Legend.