The Geek I/O Show #269: "Knock 3 Times With My Face"

Trick or Treat! Our unlikely heroes are back one more time for the epic conclusion of the Geek I/O Show x Exploding Dice crossover campaign! Will the group solve the mystery of the disappearances from the neighborhood? Did Raiyuin actually hang out with the Duchess like he thinks he did? Find out this week!

We also discuss: Knock 3 Times With My Face, Schrodingers Monica, The Rhino has Rhino Powers, Chewthulu, Slurping Soundbit, Sinemax, Memory Rats, Velma to the Scoobies, Weedish Fish, Vijima Games, Cinemax with an S, Swiss Cheese Knowledge, Chad Room, Ukulele Theft, We Could Be a Stick, I drink a lot of nut milk, !s Kruge, and Leave It On Beaver.

Join us on the Geek I/O Show, won't you? We won't lock you out!