Raul's Corner - The Geek I/O Network :: X-men: Days of Future Past and The walking Dead: Season 2 Trailers

The Trailers shows a aged Professor X and Magneto trying to save a dark future from ever happening.  Sending The Wolverine and Magneto to the past to save to future. Having both actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen playing their older self's of Professor X and Magneto and the younger version being played by X-Men First Class stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.  

The Telltale chose you own adventure game The Walking Dead is back for a second season.  In this season it seems that you will be able to play as Clementine the child your were charged to protect in the first season.  The second season of Telltale's The walking Dead is available for pre-order on steam for 10% off at $22.49.  The First Season of the Walking Dead is on sale now through November 1st on Steam for $6.24 with the 400 DLC at 4.99.  


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