How It Stacks #13: Darkwing Duck

"I am  the terror the flaps in the night. I am the switch that derails your train... I am Darkwing Duck!!!"

This one is going to be the one you don't want to miss!   Its call-back city as the guys pick each other apart with some classic jokes and throw in some new ones. JD blows some minds with his Darkwing VS Inspector Gadget theory.  Willis show's off his writing skills on this weeks Trivia Wars while demonstrating his massive Looney Toons knowledge.  Bulldog throws down some good punch lines on this one and puts JD in his place... once or twice. So, if you're feeling risky, even careless and want to see what this episode is all about, well then...

                                            "Lets Get Dangerous!!!"

Special thanks to Anamanaguchi for our music and to The Geek I/O Podcast Network for hosting our show!

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