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On this episode of Downunder Colorado, AR-15 aren't for personal defense, New X-box announcement coming May 21st, Neverwinter is in open beta, Layoffs at Sim City, Chris Hardwick making the move to late night and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! (103 minutes)


And Biden says AR-15’s aren’t for personal defense?

New X-box to be announced May 21st

Neverwinter MMO now in Open Beta (I’ve been playing this in closed beta)

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EA announces more layoffs, said to be hundreds of workers

Comedy Central to launch new late night talk show with Chris Hardwick

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Dale: Not Much! Getting papers in on-time, Doing a movie draft, Watched the Tony Nominations, and Valentines Day Family Guy?

Doug:  Playing more Bioshock: Infinite, Neverwinter, and corrupting orphans in WoW;

Zay: work.. work.. getting stuff done for work.. dealing with a friend’s ankle clumsiness. work. got to L6 in Ingress!

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