Dale Reviews 11 - Son In Law

Suggested by: Rachel Boat (For Pauly Shore month)

TITO Rating: 8

My interpretation of the plot: A shy country girl goes to college and meets the residential adviser, who is a confused student who has studied everything. Carla Gugino takes Pauly Shore back home and they fall in love despite the existing relationship with Dan Gauthier

Back story/Fun Fact:  To promote the film, MTV ran a contest to marry Pauly Shore in Las Vegas. Tanya Cinotti of Salisbury, Massachusetts, won the honor and the wedding was set for July 2, 1993. Though there was a ceremony, no marriage certificates were signed.

Now for the review....This movie felt like "Guess Who Coming To Dinner" but it took too long to build up. This film on my marking sheet got a boarding 7/8 and I gave it an 8 because of overall funness of the movie but it took to long to get there and the soft moments at the end were not needed.

Some other notes. I don't know much about American culture, so the South Dakota and California in-jokes going on. You know your movie is dated when you roller skate everywhere. Some dialogue moments..,"It's better than a kick in the face with a golf shoe" and "If we wait any longer any longer it will be my graduation." Now some euphemisms, like "Re-glazed your sub-route and "Tweaked my melons"

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