Dale Reviews 12 - Jury Duty

Suggested by: Rachel Boat (For Pauly Shore month)

TITO Rating: 6.5

My interpretation of the plot: A sexually confused failed stripper get a notice to serve jury duty. At first everything is going bad for Pauly Shore, but he uses his wittiness to save himself from going insane.  

Back story/Fun Fact: I couldn't find one?

Now for the review....Simply, this film as a lot of holes...but I enjoy looking at the screen but I didn't like watching it.

Some other notes. LOTS OF NOTES! But first a dark breaking and entering scene to a strip clip, called International House of Beef Cakes. Also, I don't believe that this version of Pauly Shore owns a suit by the way, and he needs to learn to shut his mouth. I mean you shout out "Your out of order" in a court room because you will get thrown out. Also you can't pull your hand out of a bus without it bleeding or without it being broken. But one positive from this movie...I had a screen capping fantastic fun-time during the dream sequence!

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