Geek I/O! Episode 18: Iyaz says - "Trannie in, trannie out"

This week on Geek I/O that guy from TWiT with all the tech news and know how who gives everyone mic envy, Iyaz Akhtar!

We discussed seeing Iron Man 3 (no spoilers), May the 4th at Disney, video games, Comic Geek I/O takes over a segment, Deleware becomes number 11, RIP Ray Harryhausen, Adobe shots Creative Suite to the cloud, a new Humble Bundle, EA acquires Star Wars video games license (NOOOOOOO!), Android home automation, and whether or not red meat is killing us.  Plus!  Science 3D prints a bionic ear!

On this week's Rant and Review, we watch 1995's Jury Duty as we continue Pauly Shore month.  What does Iyaz think of our movie choice?  How do idiots game the judicial system?  Why would anyone have a keg of Hawaiian Tropic?  Why is Stanley Tucci always the bad guy?  Is asbestos the real hero here?  Why is Pauly Shore able to make us laugh at dumb things we shouldn't be laughing at?

Join us on Geek I/O, won't you?  No, you're out of order!

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