Comic Geek I/O Issue 10: Mega Buster me After Class

Welcome Comic Geek I/O - issue 10, I’m your host, CJ Boat! Joining me this week once again, AWESOME PRODUCAH MAN! Jon Slater! This week we are going to be reviewing Mega Man #25, Deadpool #9, and See Me After Class

How are you tonight?

Done any comic reading? (non-spoiler portion)

Slater’s Comics: Fairy Tail - Manga. Celestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail, a guild for the most powerful wizards. But instead, her ambitions land her in the clutches of a gang of unsavory pirates led by a devious magician. Her only hope is Natsu, a strange boy she happens to meet on her travels. Natsu's not your typical hero - but he just might be Lucy's best hope.

Now, the NEWS!

CJ: DC Comics cancels more series! (this month’s cancellations) // (August cancellations)

Slater: June 5th. Kick-ass The Trilogy? Mark MIller’s costumed high school bad ass kids wont have a return to the theaters until august, but hang onto your butts kids, because comic readers can dive into the third chapter of their violent superhero story in Kick Ass 3. This eight issue series is the last for Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. Here’s to hoping that it ends on a high note.

Slater: Action Comics No. 1 found in insulation of wall.

Slater: Preview Artwork for X-men #2 available.

The comic will be published on June 26th this year. The writer: Brian Wood, and Penciler: Oliver Coipel.

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Deadpool #9

I am a old school Deadpool fan, because none of his comics make any sense! The humor is amped up, and reveals a little more serious sides to the Merc with a mouth in this issue.

PREVIOUSLY: Deadpool had to kill ressurected old POTUSes by some forlmer S.H.I.E.L.D guy, who now is Deadpool’s friend.... during this, his “handler” from SHIELD was killed and was sucked into Deadpool’s head by the necromancer so Wade could bring her back to life.  Now, not only is there Wade the man and Deadpool the psychopath, there is now a woman... which adds hilarious things!

THIS ISSUE: We start with Deadpool unconcious and his inner female, Agent Preston trying to wake him up, and DP utters “Eleanor” which makes Preston very curious.  Previous to this, DP has made it very hard for her to get anywhere outside of the front lines, so she takes advantage to get into the deep portions of Wade’s mind, trying to see how truly sick he is.  She finds a beautiful room of all of how Wade sees himself. Everywhere from a thinker, to a shitter, to a killer, to a strong person, to art, to a weakling.  In this, there is a dark area that she is COMPLETELY locked out from.

WHERE’S THE PLOT!? The Necomancer flashes some cops, gets tased in the nuts, and winds up on Ryker’s island (because that happens quick IRL) to break out. He teleports DP and the ghost of Thomas Jefferson (don’t ask) to jail, and teleports them all into a dungeon, trying to find out how to kill a demon, who serves Mephisto, and is currently tormenting them.  The trail leads them to a super, named “Artie” who is a lifeguard and also can talk to fish (HA! Dumb Aquaman) DP kills him, and awakens Vetis (said demon) who is trying to overthrow Mephisto, and is going to haunt DP and Preston until he gets his wish. DP gets the idea to reveal the plot to Mephisto, but cannot die, so... he kills the necromancer. AND SCENE

POINTS: You don’t read Deadpool for plot and coherence, but this book actually had a good amount of them, love the art, humor, and plot, 8/10

Mega Man #25

FIGHT OF THE CENTURY ROUND TWO! Mega man is in charge here, and Rush, Beat, Eddie and Tango (that green cat) are ready to bust Sonic up! First, Mega Man gets his buster repaired, and the fight continues! Sonic is faced with Rush, the flying awesome dog, and pew pew and punchy punchy happens.  

Suddenly, the two finally get to talking, which is what happens, and they realize they are not bad guys.  Wiley and Eggman realize what is going on, and unleash the power of Tails Man upon them! The fight is actually pretty short, where both Sonic and Megs get to show they are really good guys by saving civilians from the evil Robot Master Tails.  Sonic goes ape-shit on Tails Man, and Megs does his soul devouring power to reveal... TAILS IS ALIVE!

Sonic has his buddy back! Also a way to really realize what is going around, since Sonic doesn’t really do the thinky thing. The reunion is short lived because Bass and Metal Sonic are attacking Dr. Light’s lab! They teleport quick! Which makes Sonic sick. The fight doesn’t last very long, with the combined power of Mega Man, Proto Man, Tails, and Sonic fighting them.  The plan is hatched, where all the good guys are going to go after the bad guys to the Skull Egg Zone, and leave behind Roll and DUO! Yes, Em EFFIN DUO! to protect Dr. Light.  

Arc the first of this series is complete! Next time: Good vs. Evil! TO THE SKULL EGG ZONE!

POINTS: Off from a weak start, this series is really kicking ass now: 9/10, still wish I could get a double-sized issue with all of this going on.

“See me after class” volume 1 written by Munyuu of Project.XXX a “Boys manga” not a dirty “Hentai” manga by traditional means. The story takes place in Tokyo. A young male student by the name of Yuuki Kagami is enrolled into the Horin Academy. It’s an elite academy for students both male and female. Ms. Ayana Kazinozaka messed up the room assignment for the new freshman, and has him living in the womens dorm. The principal is well aware of the situation as they discuss the matters in her office. She states that if any problem(s) arise he’ll be expelled and Ms. Ayana Kazinozaka will be fired. Ayana takes it upon herself to live with Yuuki in the same room. She forces him to crossdress to eat in the mess hall with the other girls, but that’s not the only problem, he has to cross dress just to take a shower in the womens dorm. He can’t sneak out in the middle of the night because they have timed baths. Much hilarity ensues in this funny comic, and Ms. Kazinozaka takes it upon herself to make sure that young yuuki’s sexual fantasies of a maturing boy are well met with her strutting around in her dorm room half naked, and having him spank her a few times. According to her ‘if you don’t let it out, you’ll turn to sex crimes.’ The action really heats up when one of Yuuki’s school mates by the name of Risa Takabane comes back into the women’s bath with Yuuki. Will she discover Yuuki’s secret of being a male and have him expelled? Well I’m not going to fully spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to go get the book yourself.


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