Dale Reviews 14 - Encino Man

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Dale Reviews 14 - Encino Man

Suggested by: Rachel Boat (finishing Pauly Shore month)

TITO Rating: 5.5

My interpretation of the plot:  A stoner and a normal person find a caveman in the ground and they decide to defrost him and raise him as a stone head and confused senior...the Pauly Shore

Back story/Fun Fact: Pauly Shore's performance in Encino Man won him the Razzie Award for Worst New Star. (No surprise there) 

Now for the review....umm, I could get over the campyness of the Pauly Shore "comedy" in the past but not this time. There are too many odd phases and obscure 90's references in this movie for my young brain to handle

Some other notes. Is it just me but did they have fun with the shake machine to create earthquakes at random points? Also, my ice-cream was melting fast whilst watching this movie. I picked up this in Jury Duty, but it was clear in this but was Jeopardy funding this move because all of the different mentions.

Want more notes...listen below!

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