How It Stacks #05: Final Fantasy 7 (Part 1)

It’s here, our first 2 part epic ! We are stacking none other than possibly the biggest RPG ever.... Final Fantasy 7 ( insert fanfare). That’s right this is the game you either love or hate. In part 1, JD, Willis, and Bulldog embark on this epic episode to share their childhood experiences, thoughts on the story, and Geek I/O’s very own CJ Boat stops by to tell us if it stacks and drops a huge bomb on the guys. Plus, JD defends his choice for the perfect FF7 party and confess his feelings for Aerith (you’re welcome hardcore FF7 fans). Willis tells us how he really feels about Tifa and has some crazy thoughts on this episode’s VS.


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Special thanks to Anamanaguchi  for our transition music; and to Geek I/O for hosting our show!

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